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The CLOTSTOP® Principle

In a study by Pearce et al. 1 the clotting characteristics of standard silicone wound drains and silicone closed wound drains coated with CLOTSTOP®
were compared. Both the standard and CLOTSTOP® coated silicone drains were filled with equal amounts of whole blood. The whole blood remained in the drains for an equal period of time. suction was apllied and slowly increased until the clots started moving and were extracted from the drain. The exact evacuation pressure to extract the clot from the drain was recorded.

Results: An average pressure of 26 mm/Hg (range 15 - 45 mm/Hg) was required to extract the blood from the CLOTSTOP®
An average pressure of 151 mm/Hg (range 135 - 170 mm/Hg)was required to extract the blood clots from the uncoated silicone drains. This study is clinically significant because the leading commercially available 100ml closed wound rexervoirs reported to generate a maximum pressure of 90 mm/Hg after 10ml drainage.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the standard 100ml reservoirs could READILY EXTRACT CLOTS FROM THE CLOTSTOP®COATED DRAIN but would be INEFFECTIVE in removing clots from standard, uncoated, silicione, closed wound drains.

1 Pearce, Scott C., et al.: Evaluation af a New Hydrogel Coating for Drainage Tubes;
The American Journal of Surgery, Vol. 148, Nov. 1984, pp 687-691


MinEvacTM Drainage SystemAxiom continues its tradition of meeting physician requests with the recent introduction of its newest product, the MinEvacTM Drain System, which is a small, disposable surgical drain system created specifically for small, delicate closed-wound suction applications.Redesigned at the request of surgeons who previously used the McGhan MiniFlap Drain System - which is no longer available - the Axiom MinEvacTM is an excellent and improved replacement.

The MinEvacTM is suitable for small-flap procedures where gentle suction is used to evacuate fluids and keep the skin flap down. Close adherence of tissue is increaesed with efficient low profile suction, which, in turn, increases vascularization of the flap. Pressure bandaging is often reduced or eliminated with its use.Suction is provided via standard vacuum evacuation tubes, two of which are included with each MinEvacTM system to allow convenient replacement. The MinEvacTM drain has a hollow needle on one end which is inserted through the the vacuum-tube stopper by grasping the "butterfly" handle. This winged design reduces risk to the user and greatly eases activation of the vacuum suction. After insertion, theses "wings" can be used to ensure secure placement on the patient.The MinEvacTM drain system includes an Axio signature adhesive-backed tube holder to attach the vacuum tube to the patient's skin or dressing. This low-profile design is easy to secure to the patient and makes vacuum-tube changes easier and less painful for the patient by eliminating the "tugging" that can occur with repositioning after tube replacement.The drain is available in two sizes, 7 FR and 11 FR, and is made of soft, biocompatible silicone that is comfortable for the patient and is radioopaque, allowing the placement of the drain to be confirmed by radiography. The drain is secured by the physician at the point it exits the skin by the soft, clear silicone suture collar that is provided with the system. The collar material is compliant and helps form an airtight seal around the drain.Unique Features. The MinEvacTM drain system has several features that are unavailable in products offered by other manufacturers, including:

  • New suture collar design that provides an airtight seal between drain and skin;
  • Butterfly needle connector that allow for easy, secure connection to vacuum tubes;
  • Axiom`s unique silicone formulation, which has a high strength and soft feel (for patient
  • comfort), and is radioopaque (for verification of placement);
  • Slide clamp, which may be used when intermittent suction is desired, and
  • Tube holder, made from flexible plastic, which has a non-reactive, hypo-allergenic adhesive, and can be applied directly to the patient's skin or dressing.

A ClotStop®-coated version of the MinEvacTM is also available, similar to Axiom's line Atraum silicone catheters. This proprietary coating is safe and makes the drain eminentlymore comfortable for the patient during use and , more important, during removal. There is no drug interaction, and the normal healing process occurs without interference; blood clots are are allowed to from, but not to inhibit the drain's function. ClotStop® also is effective at reducing track formation along the drainage bed, while improving the planar reattachment of the wound-site tissue. ClotStop®-coated drains combine improved flow characteristics with range of small sizes, which makes them perfectly suited to the esthetic demands of plastic surgeons and the reduced-size requirements of pediatric surgeons.Axiom serves the drainage needs of all surgical specialties by offering the widest range of sizes, options, and specialty fetures available.Each MinEvacTM Drain System includes the following:

  • One drain assebly (sterile), which includes:

- round silicone drain, 38-cm (15-in) long, 7 FR or 11 FR outside diameter

- silicone suture collar

- slide clamp

- "butterfly" needle connector;

  • Two vacuum evacuation tubes, 10 cc (sterile on inside), and
  • one vaccum-tube holder (non-sterile)